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At People’s Properties Solution we do our best to provide excellent service every time, which is why we are proud to share our client review with you!

CH (COL) Timothy Walls – Fort Knox, KY

David rates in the top 15% of the Senior level Non-Commissioned Officers in the First Theather Sustainment Command. He is a proven leader who has made a significant impact on the readiness of the Command Chaplin Religious Support Team. He was given the difficult job and he has excelled at it.

Eng. Roberto Armijo – Costa Rica

I know the civil engineer Noelia Ribar from her work at the Five Star Resort Development Guacalito de la Isla in Nicaragua, Central America. She has always shown an exceptional performance of her duties, persistently executing the best quality on the tasks assigned to her. She has always sought to do better to produce high standard work; her proven creativity allows her to solve with great capacity the appointed jobs. She has always, both individually and collectively, provided innovating ideas respecting the criteria of each of the elements that are part of the final product of her job. I personally recommend her due to her preparation, knowledge, dedication, commitment, experience, and above all, her high
moral ground.

Antonio Hilario – Construction Director

I, Antonio Hilario (Development and construction director), confirm that Noelia Ribar worked in my project management team in the development Guacalito de la Isla (Nicaragua) for 2 years. Its capacity, performance and organization were excellent. I know Noelia takes charge of every assigned project, and she dedicates the necessary and required time to successfully complete it. Working with her meant to know that I had a committed, reliable, and high morals team member.